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Vietnam Food Tours

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the girl and the goat, surrey hills

the girl and the goat, surrey hills

by the baroness of melbourne @ Reviews - the baroness of melbourne

What if I told you that a carrot risotto could not only be delicious but be the star of the night at a menu tasting?  Well, it’s true and happening at The Girl and the Goat, a modern Australian restaurant with a Caribbean twist in the leafy surrounds of Surrey Hills.

There’s a Giant Ice-Cream Food Truck Fest Coming To Melbourne

There’s a Giant Ice-Cream Food Truck Fest Coming To Melbourne

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Hellooooooo, love handles.

Preston’s new Food Truck Park is planning something pretty epic this month: they’re bringing together all the city’s ice cream related food trucks for one glorious day of creamy binging. Wait, that sounds weird...

Basically, it’s your non-stop dream mix of ice-cream, gelato, waffles, doughnuts, shakes and crepes. All within like 20m of one another. Here’s a little taste of some of the names involved: Bruno Gelato Co, Scrape Rolled Ice Cream, Hanky Adams and Loaded Gourmet Sweets n’ Creams.

The event’s going to run over three days, and entry is 100% free. Pups and pooches welcome, although no word yet on whether doggy ice-cream is on the cards.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full ice-cream line-up. It should be dropping in the next few days.

The Details

Where: The Food Truck Park, 518 High St Preston When: Friday 19 January (5pm – 10pm), Saturday 20 (12pm – 10pm) & Sunday 21 January (12pm – 9pm) For more info, click here

Grab the car keys, Melbourne. The new Gumbuya World theme park is officially open for business. 

Image credit: JC Bonassin

Here’s How You Can Win A Year’s Worth Of Cheese

Here’s How You Can Win A Year’s Worth Of Cheese

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

No catches. No hidden Ts&Cs. There really is an organisation giving away a year’s worth of artisan cheese, delivered right to your door. And you’ve got two weeks left to enter.

It’s all for the 2018 Australian Grand Dairy Awards—the country’s most prestigious cheese comp. The expert panel of judges has tasted pretty much every bloody cheese in the country, and they’ve narrowed it down to 54 creamy, tangy, just-one-more-slice finalists. Where you come in is the grand prize—the Peoples’ Choice Award.

For the next two weeks, you can cast your digital vote on which cheese should be crowned Australia’s best. All you have to do is head to the voting page, check out the finalists and follow the instructions. There's some top-notch talent too—we're talking King Island Ash Brie, Edwards Crossing Cloth Bound Cheddar and (if you like mould) a Berrys Creek Tarwin Blue Cheese. 

Once you’ve voted, you’re in the draw to win a year’s worth of FREE CHEESE. The more votes, the better your chances. The cheese will be delivered to your home (or workplace, if you want to share the love). 

The Australian Grand Dairy winners will be drawn on 1 February. So get, we mean cracking.

The Details

What: A year’s worth of cheese Where: Head to this page to cast your vote When: Votes must be in by 28 January 2018  For more info, click here

Heads up, couch potatoes. You can now watch your DVDs at the NGV while people watch you. Yep, really. 

Image credit: Ben Tyers

Must-dos at the Melbourne Food and Wine Fest | The New Daily

Must-dos at the Melbourne Food and Wine Fest | The New Daily

The New Daily

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2014 highlights

Heads Up | The NGV Just Launched Triennial EXTRA

Heads Up | The NGV Just Launched Triennial EXTRA

by Pippa Knight @ The A List | The Urban List

Just when you through the NGV's Triennial exhibition couldn't get more extra...they go and launch this thing. A free 10-day, after-dark program, stuffed with cutting-edge cuisine, live music, performance art, talks and good times. They're calling it Triennial EXTRA. Makes sense, we guess.

It’s a bit of everything, really. Art. DJs. Bars. Food. Ideas. Dance. Design. A late-night celebration of the very best Melbourne has to offer right now. It is a journey through current ideas about far-reaching topics that impact us all. 

Let's start with the food, shall we? Andrew McConnell is taking over the NGV’s Garden restaurant, turning it into Supernormal Natsu—a smoky, Japanese pop-up. Chefs will be grilling yakitori on a charcoal hibachi grill, there’s gonna be cold soba salads, seafood on crushed ice and a variety of veggo-friendly dishes.

Every night will begin with a line-up of summer party DJ sets in the NGV garden (think names like Tex Perkins, Adalita, Dan Sultan and Saskwatch). The gallery has also commissioned dance group Chunky Move to perform a guided journey through the Triennia, featuring five new and exclusive routines, along with live performances by Melbourne’s Polyphonic Voices. 

Of course, all your favourite Triennial exhibitions will be open late as well. Browsing and pondering are actively encouraged. 

Triennial EXTRA will be running till the 28th January. It kicks off from 6pm every night and runs until midnight. 

The Details

What: Triennial EXTRA When: 18 – 28 January Where: NGV Melbourne. For more info, click here

Did you hear? There's a boozy Harry Potter brunch coming to a secret Melbourne location. 

Image credit: NGV

Brownie Batter Bento Boxes Now Exist In Melbourne

Brownie Batter Bento Boxes Now Exist In Melbourne

by Ben Tyers @ The A List | The Urban List

Gone are the days when your stock standard bento box was what you craved on the weekend, those need to step aside for the moment because local baker extraordinaire Proof Is In The Pudding has just released a brownie batter version and we need it in our face ASAP.

These boxes of absolute goodness are designed to be shared with a friend and are ideal for a night on the couch in front of Netflix.

The Brownie Batter Bento features a ton of Belgian couverture brownie batter as well as an array of add-ons and mix-ins such as Smarties, almonds, Mars, and more.

There are 3 versions of the bento available, the Chocoholic, Very Vegan, and Gluten Gone, so they’re catering for everyone.

All Brownie Batter Bentos can be pre-ordered on the Proof Is In The Pudding website, you just need to pick your preferred date.

Melbourne's getting an exclusive Star Wars exhibition. Read all about it here.

Image credit: Proof Is In The Pudding

Twenty Pho Seven

by Jessica Morris @ Milk Bar

Twenty Pho Seven is Australia’s first 24-hour pho restaurant and it is quite simply pho you.

PSA: There’s A Pinot And Puppies Party On Next Month

PSA: There’s A Pinot And Puppies Party On Next Month

by Pippa Knight @ The A List | The Urban List

There are very few things that generate as much raw happiness as puppies. Well...possibly a big glass of pinot. Can you imagine what would happen if we put the two together? 

Well guess what, guys. It's happening next month. A day where homebodies who want to stay in with their pooch and drink wine will emerge from their lairs and socialise in public. 

Vinomofo is partnering with The Ascot Lot and Gumtree Greys to bring you a day full of puppies and pinot noir. Gumtree Greys will be bringing along some greyhounds in need, ready for you to pet, love and maybe even adopt on the day.

All friendly pooches are welcome to come and enjoy the fun things, which include dog treats, multiple 'nawwww's, and puppy-friendly pinot.

But what about us? What do we get...apart from the endless attention of adorable puppies? You also get wine, WINESCREAM, food trucks and the sweet knowledge that entry to this shindig is completely FREE.

Puppers, wine and zero money. This is The Dream. 

The Details

What: Puppies and Pinot When: Saturday 17 Feb, 11am Where: The Ascot Lot, 448-466 Mt Alexander Road, Ascot Vale. For more info, click here.

image credit: Vinomofo

It Snowed In The Sahara Desert This Week

It Snowed In The Sahara Desert This Week

by Ben Tyers @ The A List | The Urban List

Australian cities have copped their fair share of big ol’ storms in the past couple of months, from the dumping of rain in Victoria in late November, Auckland's massive tropical storm, or the superstorm that Sydney didn’t actually cop this week—weather just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

Well, this week, to make things even a bit more wild. It snowed in the bloody Sahara Desert. Yep, a desert.

In case you’re not familiar with where the Sahara Desert actually is, you’ll find it right at the top of Africa and covers a whopping 9,200,000 square kilometres. To put that into perspective it’s a comparable area to both China and the U.S.A.

This isn’t the first time snow has fallen in the desert; it’s actually the third time that it’s happened in the past 40 years.

Check out some of the amazing photos captured of the event below.

15 inches of SNOW blankets the Sahara,the hottest desert in the world, for the second time in 40years

— MURTALA (@MurtalaIbin) January 9, 2018

A foot of snow in the Sahara desert...breathtaking contrast between sand and snow.

— Jonathan Arnott MEP (@JonathanArnott) January 9, 2018

Rare icy weather has brought snow to the Sahara Desert in Algeria.

— NBC News (@NBCNews) January 9, 2018

Start of 2018 marked by extreme weather - searing heat and unusual warmth, bitter cold, winter storms, heavy precipitation and snow (incl in the Sahara!. Updated roundup

— WMO | OMM (@WMO) January 9, 2018

Image credit: World Meteorological Organisation

tenpin, port melbourne

tenpin, port melbourne

by the baroness of melbourne @ Reviews - the baroness of melbourne

Tenpin is a bayside Thai inspired, South East Asian restaurant in Port Melbourne that's ready to bowl you over with it's location, food and ambiance.  

Melbourne Chefs at Home: Christmas Edition

by Gram Magazine @ Gram Magazine

Melbourne’s chefs are often high profile, prominent types and we know a lot about their restaurants. But what do we know about their Christmas traditions? We asked some of Melbourne’s prominent culinary identities—all drawing from different backgrounds, to share their favourite Christmas food traditions.                       […]

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2015 preview

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2015 preview

Good Food

There are more than 200 mouth-watering events at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival – we hand-pick a few goodies for your gastronomy needs.

The Windsor & Co. Block Party Wrap

The Windsor & Co. Block Party Wrap

Hood Food Guide

Discover the best eats in Melbourne's with the best chefs & pros in your area codes in the new food show, Hood Food Guide. Do yourself a flavour.

8 Aussie True Crime Novels To Binge Read This Summer

8 Aussie True Crime Novels To Binge Read This Summer

by Millie Lester @ The A List | The Urban List

Put down that damn Jodi Picoult novel because we’ve dug up the best Aussie true crime books on the market just in time for Christmas, and Jodi’s latest heartbreaking courtroom drama is going to have to wait. Hours of bookshop research have told us that Australia is home to some pretty insane, real-life murder mysteries, and paired with a hot cup of tea and a few choccie bikkies, they make for a delicious night in this festive season.

Here are the best Aussie true crime novels to binge read these holidays.

1.   Tall Man: The Death Of Doomadgee

This little number is based on the suspicious death of an imprisoned indigenous man in 2004. Set in the deep north of Australia, on Palm Island, middle-aged man Cameron Doomadgee is arrested for being a potty mouth in front of a white police officer. Less than an hour later, he turns up dead in the jailhouse as a result of ‘tripping over’, except according to the autopsy - that makes no sense. Commissioned by the pro bono lawyer who represented Doomadgee’s family, this is an unforgettable read about power struggles, revenge and justice.

2. Huckstepp: A Dangerous Life

This Australian story is a true crime classic and a must-read for anyone interested in real-life Aussie murder mysteries. In it, Huckstepp investigates the murder of a sprightly young lady who caught the country’s attention from the first moment she appeared on television, accusing New South Wales detectives of murdering her boyfriend. This is a fantastically written true story of a gutsy gal who paid the ultimate price on her quest for justice. Bum-bum-boooooow.

3. Joe Cinque’s Consolation

The description of this page-turning puzzler makes about as much sense as pineapple on pizza, but for that reason it’ll take you only half an afternoon to demolish. In 1997, a young ANU law student apparently makes a plan to slaughter her beloved boyfriend upon the conclusion of a dinner party she’s hosting at her house. Disturbingly, several of the dinner guests are aware of it, however none of them thought to warn old mate Joe who dies in his own bed of a massive dose of Rohypnol and heroin. I dare you NOT to go and buy this book now.

4. Snowtown: The Bodies In Barrels Murders

Some call the Snowtown murders Australia’s most notorious criminal case, and for good reason. In 1999, bodies were discovered in barrels inside at bank vault in the South Australian destination of Snowtown. One of the first reporters on the scene was former police reporter, Jeremy Pudney, who pieces all the bits of the puzzle together in order to get to the bottom of the Snowtown murders. The book covers not only the lives of the victims, but of those convicted and the strange circumstances that led them to get away with such violent crimes for so long. It’s tantalisingly spooky and equally horrifying.

5. Tamam Shud: The Somerton Man Mystery

The Somerton Man case remains one of Australia’s most well-known mysteries. In 1948, a body is discovered on a beach in Adelaide, well-dressed and unscathed, and with only a half-smoked cigarette by his side. Due to the fact that he had no identification with him, we still don’t know who he was or how he died these six decades later, what we do know is it was turned into a bloody good book that explores the ins and outs of how the mystery man could have turned up dead on the beach, and why the crime was never solved.

6. The Killing Of Caroline Byrne: A Journey To Justice

One night, during the mid-nineties, stunning Sydney model Caroline Byrne dies after she lands head-first into a crevice at the bottom of The Gap in the Sydney Harbour entrance (fecking ouch!). Was it suicide? Was it murder? All we know is it’s the story of Tony Byrne’s determination to find out the truth of his daughter’s death that hooks us in and leaves us wanting more. More well written crime fic, not unjust murder that is.

7. Gun Alley

Gun Alley is an enthralling story of how botched police work, trial by media and lynch-law hysteria led to the conviction and subsequent hanging of an innocent Australian man. The pages in this cracking book delve into the reasons why this confronting conspiracy was targeted towards an innocent person, and reveals vital and never-before-seen clues that, after eighty years, point to the real killer. Phwoar.

8. Searching For The Beaumont Children

Probably don’t pick this one up if you’re a parent yourself because the Beaumont Children mystery is one of the saddest and devastating of its kind in Australia. On January 26 1966, three siblings left their Adelaide home and set off for the beach. By the end of the day, none of the children had returned home and the ‘Beaumont Children Case’ remains Australia’s most famous (and gut-wrenching) unsolved mysteries. This book will have you burrowing down conspiracy rabbit holes all over the internet for days.

Prefer to listen over reading? Here are the best true crime podcasts you should be throwing into your ears.

Image: Snowtown culprits 

A Boozy Harry Potter Brunch Is Coming To A Hidden Melbourne Location

A Boozy Harry Potter Brunch Is Coming To A Hidden Melbourne Location

by Simone Jovel @ The A List | The Urban List

2018 needs to take a nap. Quite frankly there’s way too much excitement and nearly three weeks in, we’re struggling to keep up! The latest OTT event news to drop on our fair city is nothing short of magical—a bottomless Harry Potter brunch is headed our way!

Oh yes. It’ll be tipples and butter beer all ‘round folks. Coming to a hidden (AKA top secret) location in Melbourne's CBD, we’re told it will be the brunch of the year. You’ll eat, drink and make merry with a few of your favourite Hogwarts crew. Trust us when we say, you’ll want to dress up for this one.

There’ll even be Quidditch, sorting ceremonies and a couple of cheeky wand lessons. We know, deep breaths.

Sign up here for more details.

Image credit: The Wizard's Brunch

The Queen Vic Brazilian Festival Is Back Next Month

The Queen Vic Brazilian Festival Is Back Next Month

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Here's some news to cheer you up, Melbourne: the Queen Vic Market market is bringing back its epic Brazilian festival in February.

This thing launched late last year, and it was actually the city’s first ever dedicated Brazilian festival—surely a massive city council oversight (lift your samba game, Robert Doyle). It’s called VIVA Brazil, and it’ll be running at Queen Vic over the weekend of 24-25 February.

The line-up is still pretty hush hush, but you can expect the usual belly-shaking mix of colourful feathers, samba dancers and Brazilian drummers, capoeira dance battles and epic DJ beats. Last year they also stacked the line-up with some pretty tasty food trucks: think Brazilian BBQ from Cope Food Truck and Copacabana International, plus a bunch of craft stalls and boutique vendors.

Now, where did we put our sequined headdress...swear it was around here somewhere.


Where: Queen Victoria Market When: 10am – 3pm Saturday 24 February, 10am – 4pm Sunday 25 February For more info, click here.  

Get around it, people. There's a boozy Harry Potter brunch coming to a secret Melbourne location. 

Image credit: Queen Victoria Market 

the harvest run, yarra valley

the harvest run, yarra valley

by the baroness of melbourne @ Reviews - the baroness of melbourne

The Harvest Run by Sole Motive combines the best of the Yarra Valley.  Running followed by wine and cheese, yes please.

Melbourne’s Best Pun Business Names

Melbourne’s Best Pun Business Names

by Marina Nazario @ The A List | The Urban List

Have you heard the joke about the German sausage? It was the wurst! It’s exhausting to be witty all the time. Trust us, we know. But we can also appreciate those clever businesses that go out of their way to give us a good laugh at their amusing, extremely cheesy name.

We found a few businesses around Melbourne that are absolutely killing the pun game, so we’ve named these Melbourne’s punniest business names around. Lettuce continue! 

Lord Of The Fries

Multiple locations

An obvious one, for obvious reasons. Lord of the Fries is one of those places where you and your friends will all have different orders thanks to its endless sauce combo possibilities, and you’ll fight to the death about whose is the best...kinda like the plot to a certain book. It's vegan too. Who knew, right? 

What Da Pho

South Melbourne

What. The. Fuuu...Oi! Noice name. Wonder what’s on the menu?! I’m sure they don’t pho around. Okay, we’ll stop. This South Melbourne restaurant is big on the playful quirks, referring to chargrilled skewers as ‘Da Sticks’ and finding your spring roll choices under the title ‘Ching Rolls’. Clever.

Massive Wieners


Wieners are great and all, but a Massive Wiener?? Move outta the way (settle down, it's just a hot dog shop). This retro-style venue dishes up wieners smothered in cheese, onions, sauerkraut and chilli. You'll find that it caters to the ravenous with the 25 inch long 'massive wiener', and to the mildly hungry with the 6" 'little pecker'. We'll leave it at that. 

Wok This Way

South Melbourne

Don’t mind if we do! You’ve probably seen this chain before, so you know that it serves bomb Chinese and Malaysian food. And it’s cheap! Rather than walk there, get it delivered. Nothing like a lazy Sunday arvo and Chinese food to help cope with the Sunday scaries.

Lucky Coq


Comfort, value and’d be lucky enough to hang out here. Lucky Coq is a local bar and eatery in Windsor that has an outdoor rooftop, rockin' music and really cheap pizza. Check out its food specials, which include $4 pizza, salad and jaffles during certain hours, every day of the week. That makes us feel pretty damn lucky. 

New Kum Den


Oddly enough, you can find Kum Den down an alley of sex shop back doors, but you’re in for a pleasant surprise. New Kum Den serves that classic greasy Chinese food that we know and love. And nothing of the sexual sorts, we promise! 

Morning Glory Express


Who’s craving some morning glory?! Not that, you horn dog. The Vietnamese vegetable dish. Geez, people! Morning Glory Express (formerly House of Hoi An) serves up classic Vietnamese street food that and apparently, it’s pretty popular. Book ahead for a good time.



Chick-in? Check-in? Chicken? Chickennnn. Grab some protein at this no-frills, Korean fried chicken shop. It’s a hole in the wall, but those are usually the best!  Wash it down with an ice cold beer while you’re at it.

Delhi Belly


Not sure who ruled 'yes' on the name for this one, as Delhi Belly is basically another name for Bali Belly...if you catch our drift. But this Indian restaurant will steer you the other way. Pass the Nann because you’ll need it after chowing down on this spicy and flavourful food.

Chainsaw Massacre Salon


A gruesome name for a salon, but you gotta give them props for creativity. Chainsaw Massacre Salon offers colour, cuts, head massages and blow waves to the brave hearted who walk through their doors. Its website quite literally says, “Don’t be scared. Come and get stylish.” Not that convincing, but we’ll take a chance in the name of beauty.

Pho Nom


Proof that the humble pho is truly God's gift for pun-hungry restauranteurs. Despite the fact it's actually pronounced 'fur'. Yeah...that kind of spoils it eh. Well who cares—Pho Nom is still one of our favourite hipster banh mi joints in the city. Try the crispy chicken banh mi with pickled carrots, diced chilli and sriracha mayo. It'll blow your tiny brain. 

Angela’s Mane Attraction


Major style points for this one. Angela’s Mane Attraction is a cutting edge hairdressing salon aimed at making the client look good and feel good. That means it has a hair bar, beauty bar, make-up bar, facial bar, wedding bar...wait where’s the actual bar?! Guess that's not the main attraction. 

Thanks A Latte


You are most certainly welcome! Thanks a freaking lot for giving us this cute AF cafe. Thanks A Latte is located off Balwyn road and offers a local cafe experience for those who need a quick caffeine pick-me-up.

Mid-Life Cycles


You made it this far in life and, we get it, you deserve a freaking break. Mid Life Cycles is an independent motorcycle and repair shop that will help you find that hog you’ve always dreamed of riding. Like we said, life’s rough, you deserve this.

Lentil As Anything

St Kilda

More like mental as anything after the day we've been through. Sheesh. This non-for profit vegan and vegetarian restaurant is a pay as you see fit kind of eatery. There are no set prices, but a donation is definitely encouraged. Get involved with the local community and share the wealth.



What's the point in running a coin laundry if you don't have a pun name? You'll find Soapranos scrubbing stains out of every garment on Johnston Street.

Pie & Mighty


Pies are great, but they're even greater when you buy them from an establishment with a pun for a name. Pie & Mighty are serving up delicious pies in Pakenham, everything from your standard beef pies to beef vindaloo, and even Jack Daniels pulled beef pies.

Hungry? Check out what we’ve dubbed as Melbourne’s Best Pizza.

Image credit: Lentil As Anything 

A Taste of Experience 2017 in Review

by Megan Osborne @ Gram Magazine

When reviewing the year that has been, we thought, who better to do so than hospitality icons who have seen the ups and downs of the Australian food industry? We’ve asked these top chefs and industry heroes to share a little insight on the bigger picture of a career in hospitality, what 2017 brought them, […]

Heads Up: There’s A Bottomless Mimosa Festival On This Weekend

Heads Up: There’s A Bottomless Mimosa Festival On This Weekend

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

We’ve never really been fans of the whole ‘less is more’ thing. Especially when it comes to breakfast cocktails. If less is more, just imagine how much more MORE will be.

Welcome to Thornbury clearly feel the same way, because they’re hosting a Bottomless Mimosa Festival this Saturday. Mimosas without bottom. A never-ending stream of Prosecco and orange juice that will wash away your back to work blues and replace them with new blues, like a raging hangover.  

Here’s how it’s going to work. $8 gets you a single mimosa (available in six different flavours), but $45 gets you’re a FOUR HOUR bottomless mimosa package. We’re no experts on economies of scale, but that sounds like a sweet deal.

If mimosas aren’t your thing, the guys behind the bar will also be slinging Spritzes, Bloody Marys and plenty of beer. And don’t forget to line your stomach with the usual food truck goodness—Brunswick Mess Hall, Bluebonnet Barbecue, Greek Street Food and Poke Time will be on site all morning.

Bottoms up.

The Details

Where: Welcome to Thornbury, 520 High St Northcote When: From 11am, Saturday 13 January For more info, click here

Buckle up, Melbourne. Here are 4 food trends you'll be seeing a lot in 2018. 

Image credit: Gabriel Gurrola

Finally! It’s The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Essential Oils

Finally! It’s The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Essential Oils

by Mikaela Burnett @ The A List | The Urban List

Essential Oils are fast becoming THE most talked about subject, but why the heck is this you ask? What is so special about these delicious smelling oils? Well, we’re glad you asked. It turns out there’s a reason they’re more popular than Kylie Jenner’s lips. We live in quite the chemical shiz-storm nowadays people.

Essential oils are not only 100% natural, BUT they are 100% awesome. There are loads of them and they have more uses than Kim K has Twitter followers. And you can use them to replace almost everything you’re currently using. Which is amaze! Because being healthy is WAY more fun than being not healthy, right? Plus, if you have kiddies you'll feel way more chilled knowing that there’s nothing toxic around. As we said there are a ridiculous amount of oils available, but because ain’t nobody got the time to read about all of them right now we just picked our top five for you...


This baby is so much more than just an old people smell, it’s actually human catnip. And I’m sure we could all do with some catnip (wine only does SO much). You can use it to help you have the best sleep of your life! Pop a few drops in a diffuser with some Frankincense on your bedside table. Or if you don’t have a diffuser try putting a couple of drops on the underside of your pillow.

Lavender is awesome for bites, burns and pimples! For bites, try mixing a few drops with tea tree oil and peppermint oil. And if you’re somebody who burns themselves often leave a bottle in the fridge to apply as ASAP as possible to the part of your skin that’s melting. If you’re stressing the eff out or your anxiety is going through the bloody roof try using lavender as a way to calm yourself down. You can take it internally or just rub a few drops into your temples and the back of your neck. Or try mixing it with a carrier oil and blackmailing your significant other into giving you a full body massage.

Lavender oil is an absolute life hack if you have a small teething terrorist. Mix a few drops of Lavender and Frankincense with a carrier oil in a glass roller bottle and roll the blend along their jawline. You can also roll this blend on the bottom of their feet when they go full Toad Mode (also try rolling it over your whole entire body when TM is happening... because what a perfect moment to be comatose).  


Ahh Franky, the King of oils. This guy is good for pretty much every problem in the world. Anxiety? Franky. Bad skin? Franky. That annoying guy that just WON’T get the hint? We’re not sure, but Frankincense could be the answer. Frankincense is really bloody cool! It has the power to enter a cell and decide whether or not it’s worth saving. If it is, it will renovate that cell until it’s good as new. And if it isn’t, it will just get rid of it. Imagine all of the nice shiny cells you could have! If it’s good enough for Baby Jesus then it’s good enough for us.

It works wonders for troubled skin! Especially if you have any scarring left over from being an awkward 15-year-old. Just mix a couple of drops with a carrier oil (we recommend either fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil) and massage into a freshly cleansed face twice a day. You will usually notice a dramatic difference within a day! Which is always a fun time. You can also try applying a drop to your thumb and pressing it to the roof of your mouth. Why? Because the roof of your mouth acts as a direct route to your Pituitary Gland which (long story short) controls most of our hormone functions. And Franky loves to do nice things to your hormones.

Massage into sore joints, limbs and appendages for incredible pain relief and repair. Frank is renowned for his inflammatory properties and is often used to support the symptoms of Arthritis. Frankincense can be used to help relieve anxiety, depression and mood swings. So just get that bottle and sniff the heck outta it. 


When life gives you lemon oil you say, “Hey thanks life, that’s a really nice thing you did. I can do heaps with this! You da best man”. And then you can try these things with! Not often is that word used with such enthusiasm! But lemon oil is the bomb-diggity to clean with. In a glass spray bottle add a 15 drops of lemon oil, half a cup of white vinegar and fill the rest with distilled water. Replacing your chemical-filled cleaning products with homemade essential oil ones is not only cheaper but it’s better for your health (like, HEAPS better). You can also add a few drops to your water every day (in a glass water bottle only because the essential oils like to eat plastic because it’s full of nasty stuff). Lemon oil naturally cleanses the body and aids with digestion.

Lemon oil is an excellent air cleaner and purifier. So try adding some drops to your bin, in your diffuser or just on the kitchen bench to get rid of any smells. We LURVE the way this smells! LURVE. If you accidentally leave your washing in the machine for ten days without putting it on the line (don’t act like you haven’t done this before/every week), adding a few drops to the end of the wash cycle will completely get rid of that smell of neglect and laziness. If you are love the flavour of lemon try adding a few drops when whipping up a smoothie, bliss balls, cakes, sautéed veggies, cakes or cakes. We prefer cakessss. 


The smell of Christmas and mouthwash! Need we say more?! Good for a lot of things but not so great for putting near eyeballs and other balls...or lady flowers. Here’s some places you CAN put it and ways to use it say “See ya never” to those headaches!

Rub some of the oil onto your temples (which BTW are probably further back from your eyes then you think...we recommend Googling where your temples live) and even a little bit behind your ears and the back of your neck. Peppermint oil is pretty much the opposite to Lavender. Instead of being human catnip it’s like having a cup of coffee injected into your bloodstream. So, if you’re needing a little pick-me-up rub some on yourself topically, sniff straight from the bottle, put in a diffuser or try adding a few drops to the bottom of your shower to realllllllly open those eyeballs up of a morning. 

If you or your child is suffering from a fever try rubbing some peppermint oil (diluted with a carrier oil for children) into the soles of your/their feet. You’ll be amazed at how quickly that fever drops! If you’re into oil pulling (which you should be because it’s fab) try adding a few drops of peppermint to your coconut oil! Your mouth will feel super minty fresh without all of the yucky harsh chemicals. Suffer from sinus issues or have a cold/flu? Peppermint has amazing natural antiviral properties. Put some in a diffuser or massage a few drops onto your chest with a carrier oil. 


Orange you glad we didn't miss this one? Orange you wishing you didn’t read this far? *crickets* Rough crowd. Anyway let’s just get straight into it! With just one sniff of this oil and you’ll be THAT guy who is super positive and happy and ugh... THAT Guy. Orange is an incredibly uplifting and motivating smell. If you couple it with peppermint you’ll be able to clean the whole damn world you’ll be so motivated! 

Obviously orange is a delicious flavour (duh, obviously) so why not try adding it to water, soda water, treats or smoothies? Sticky surfaces shake in their boots when they know orange oil is coming their way. And we all know how fond sticky surfaces are of their boots (and how good orange oil is at making them disappear). 

There are hundreds of amazing oils with incredible qualities! These are literally just the tip of the iceberg (it’s a really bloody big iceberg). You can thank us laters! 

Here’s Where To Get $1 Cheeseburger Dumplings In Melbourne This Week

Here’s Where To Get $1 Cheeseburger Dumplings In Melbourne This Week

by Ben Tyers @ The A List | The Urban List

Every now and then two amazing foods come together in a mash-up that really changes the game. One year ago, Burma Lane added the cheeseburger and the dumpling together to create their Waygu cheeseburger bacon dumpling. And we’re forever grateful.

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of its creation, Burma Lane will be selling these amazing little parcels for just $1 a pop. That’s right, just $1.

You can snap up this absolute bargain from Tuesday January 16 to Thursday January 18, and it’s available for lunch and dinner, dine in, or takeaway.

So, if Wagyu beef, cheese, bacon, and dumplings are your thing—as if they’re not— then this is a deal you just can’t miss.

The only limitation is that you can only order 5 dumplings per person. But hey, given they’re usually $17 for 4, this is a steal.

The Details

What: Burma Lane’s Wagyu Cheeseburger Dumplings for $1 When: Tuesday 16 January – Thursday 18 January Where: Burma Lane, 118 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

 Once your belly is full of $1 dumplings you're probably going to need something to do. Here are 5 awesome things to do this week in Melbourne.

Image credit: supplied

Sunset Cinema

by Amanda Louey @ Milk Bar

Melbourne’s outdoor cinema season heats up. Milk Bar Mag gives you the run down of Sunset Cinema's lineup.

There’s A Huge Adults-Only Bouncy Castle Coming To Melbourne

There’s A Huge Adults-Only Bouncy Castle Coming To Melbourne

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

It’s usually weird when adults want to have a go on the bouncy castle. Kids cry, everyone’s uncomfortable, it’s just generally not a great idea. But not this time.

This time the world’s biggest inflatable (adults-only) bouncy castle/obstacle course is coming to Melbourne, and you can bounce like nobody’s watching—the way nature intended.

It’s called The Monster. A 270m inflatable platform, comprising 30 individual obstacles, each more fiendish than the last. Apparently, it can take up to 20 minutes to get through, depending on your level of bounce-expertise.

The whole thing will be popping up at The Grand Pavilion at The Melbourne Showgrounds over the Australia Day long weekend. When this thing launched in the UK, over 30,000 people turned up, so yeah, it’s gonna be big. Here's a sneak preview:

What makes The Monster even more challenging is the fact you’ll be tackling it with a stomach full of burgers and beer. Yep, there’s gonna be street food, food trucks, craft beer, cocktails and DJs galore. You can still grab tix over here.

Just try not to vom in The Monster. That’s kinda frowned upon.


Where: The Grand Pavilion, Melbourne Showgrounds When: 26 – 28 January 2018. For more info and tickets, head here.

If bouncing's your thing, check out the giant inflatable labyrinth currently sitting in Fed Square

Image credit: Josh Miller | Instagram 

What You’ll Be Eating At This Year’s Gourmet Cinema

What You’ll Be Eating At This Year’s Gourmet Cinema

by Ben Tyers @ The A List | The Urban List

During the warmer months you can’t walk 10 metres in Melbourne without stumbling upon an outdoor cinema. Everything from beachside to rooftop is covered. But one of these outdoor cinemas is not like the others—Gourmet Cinema.

Back again in 2018, Gourmet Cinema will once again be bringing you classic movies matched with great food, and the lineup this year is as good as it gets.

If you’re not familiar with how Gourmet Cinema works, here’s a rundown. The cinema takes place on the lawns of the enormous Caulfield Racecourse, and features food and drinks from four Melbourne restaurants, with one hero restaurant creating a special movie-inspired menu to coincide with the movie playing.

It all kicks off on Thursday 1 March with Hotel Jesus, and a showing of Chef. Hotel Jesus head chef Luke Hammond has put together a menu featuring margaritas, tostadas and a taste of Mexico that you don’t want to miss.

Jimmy Grants, Benny Burger, Uncle, and Hellenic Republic are all on board to keep you full during your favourite film.

Films on show feature:

Chef presented by Hotel Jesus Little Miss Sunshine presented by Jimmy Grants Top Gun presented by Benny Burger Sideways presented by Uncle Before Midnight presented by Hellenic Republic La La Land presented by Uncle The Lost Boys presented by Benny Burger Vicky Cristina Barcelona presented by Mamasita

Tickets are on sale from Tuesday 16 January. We recommend reserving yourself a seat on the 196 Below Deck Chair Lawn—where you'll score a Gourmet Cinema Choc Top from our friends at 196 Below.

The Details

What: Gourmet Cinema When: Thursday 1 March – Sunday 8 March and Thursday 8 March – Sunday 11 March. Gates open from 6pm, sessions behind at 8:15pm Where: Caulfield Racecourse, Gate 22, Station Street, Caulfield For more info and tickets, head to

Looking for something new to listen to on your commute? Atlanta Monster is something you need to get into asap.

Image credit: Hellenic Republic Brighton | Annika Kafcaloudis

pepper lunch, melbourne

pepper lunch, melbourne

by the baroness of melbourne @ Reviews - the baroness of melbourne

The Japanese phenomenon of Pepper Lunch is right here on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne, where you can enjoy sizzling Black Angus beef, chicken katsu or even waffles on your very own teppan all neatly ordered from the self serve computer system. Tokyo technology meets traditional Japanese cooking at Pepper Lunch.

lady nelson's, windsor

lady nelson's, windsor

by the baroness of melbourne @ Reviews - the baroness of melbourne

There’s no greater sign of love than to name a wine bar after your beloved, and so Lady Nelson’s emerged on busy Chapel St in popular Windsor when Rick Nelson named this charming spot after his wine loving wife Kat.

6 TV Revivals To Look Forward To In 2018

6 TV Revivals To Look Forward To In 2018

by Millie Lester @ The A List | The Urban List

As we wave goodbye to another year in television, we look ahead to 2018 and all the Sundays we’ll spend in bed on Netflix, eating packets of Clinkers with the curtains drawn. Some of the most notable revivals of 2017 were Will & Grace, Prison Break, Twin Peaks and That’s So Raven (look it up, that shit happened), and in 2018 we welcome some even juicier revivals on our screens.

Here are 6 TV revivals to look forward to in 2018.

1.   Arrested Development

It’s time to tidy up the Banana Stand because our favourite dysfunctional American family id returning to our tellies in 2018 for a much anticipated fifth season. It’s already been confirmed that the entire main cast will be returning to reprise their signature roles, including Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, Will Arnett, Tony Hale, Portia de Rossi, David Cross and Alia Shawkat. The series is set to premiere on Netflix around May next year.

2. Charmed

There have been whispers of a ‘70s-set reboot of our second favourite witchcraft reboot (three words: The Worst Witch) during the last twelve months and it has been confirmed that an initial plot script was submitted. Unfortunately, the network (The CW) didn’t lurv it, so the Charmed reboot is still officially in the redevelopment phase, however, everyone’s praying for a 2018 release.

3. Downton Abbey

With the latest season of Crowns currently consuming our eyeballs outside of work hours, it’ll come as a relief to know that another one of our favourite hoighty-toighty British fams will be gracing our screens in the near future. A Downton Abbey movie is currently in the works. Folks are currently hoping and praying that it’ll reunite the original cast and give us an update on the Crawleys. The NBC Universal president earlier this year revealed that they’re working on getting the script right at the moment and will hopefully have something to send to cinemas by late-2018. As tempting as it is though, we probably shouldn’t hold our breath…

4. The L Word

Joining the list of long-awaited TV revivals is early 2000s classic, The L Word. The long-running Showtime series originally aired from 2004 to 2009 and followed the lives of a Los Angeles-based girl gang of queer ladies whose lives were nothing short of dramatic, heartbreaking and hilarious. The revival is currently in development, as of mid-2017, and is expected to feature all three main leading ladies - Jennifer Beals, Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey. Exact air date is yet to be confirmed, anticipation for said revival is very much confirmed.

5. Magnum, P.I.

Our favourite moustached Navy SEAL-turned-private eye is making a very likely return to our screens in the next twelve months. The ‘80s action drama, starring Tom Selleck (the other greatest love of Monica Geller’s life), flaunted ol’ Magnum’s ability to use military expertise to solve the hardest of cases. The reboot is currently in development with CBS, and the air date is yet to be confirmed.

6. Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

The Block can officially stick it up their pipe and smoke it because early 2000s cult classic, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, is officially coming back to screens in 2018. The Bravo reality series, which originally aired between 2003 and 2007, is set to feature a brand new Fab Five who promise to “move from the Big Apple to turn the Red States pink - one makeover at a time.” Eight episodes have been commissioned by Netflix and the series has a soft premiere date of February 2018.

Podcasts more your thing? Here are all of the podcasts you need to be listening to this year.

Image credit: Warner Brothers

A Tell-All Bachie Book Is About To Hit Your Shelves

A Tell-All Bachie Book Is About To Hit Your Shelves

by Ben Tyers @ The A List | The Urban List

While we struggle through this complete lull in reality TV, we’ve been buoyed by the news today that there’s about to be a tell-all Bachelor book hit the market—and it’s been penned by the most recent Bachelor villain.

You’ll remember Jen Hawke as the “girl who walked away from Matty J”, where she spent most of the season complaining about the lack of time she got to spend with said Bachelor.

The book is slated to be called 'The Bitchelorette', and we absolutely love her for it. Hawk has described the book as “a cautionary tale” about reality television. And given she spent about 5 minutes on reality TV you know it’s going to be choc full of advice.

There’s no word on release date for the book just yet, but apparently she’s written more than 200 pages so far, so this is well on its way to being the next Shantaram.

We’ll keep you up to date as we find out more.

For all the latest from The Bachelor/Bachelorette, head here.

Image credit: Tenplay

The Feed | All The News You Missed This Week

The Feed | All The News You Missed This Week

by Marina Nazario @ The A List | The Urban List

The city has come alive this week because, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have noticed that the Australian Open is in full swing. What's upppp Federer! 

Melbourne has taken the opportunity to step up its food game. Probably to show Sydney how it's done. (Uh, yeah we just dropped that.) Check it out for yourself, here’s all the foodie news you missed this week. 

You better get yourself a Lona members card, coz they're offers wallet-approving food and drink deals all week. It’s a no-fuss membership signup too, check it out.

Eat, drink and water taxi your way to the Australian Open. Pure South Bar and Kitchen is offering epic meal packages so you can have a full belly before watching fit people do active things. Includes a water taxi to Rod Laver too. 

On that note, why don’t you grab an Australian Open themed burger, complete with a tennis ball bun #nomz

Bang Bang at the Rifle Club will be launching Sunday Spritz sessions from 21 January. They’re serving FIVE different varieties, so pencil in a solid afternoon sesh. YUM.

Speaking of spritz, Melbourne’s only Club Aperol is now open at Riverland. Until 19 February, Aperol spritzes will be available in glasses ($12) and jugs ($45). Yeah, we said jugs.

Piccolina Gelateria just added a bunch of new flavours to the menu, including mascarpone & fig jam, lychee & passionfruit, banana, chocolate & peanut croccante. Drooling? Us too. 

FYI: One of Melbourne’s hottest restaurants, IDES is now open for lunch on Saturday and Sundays, 12-2pm. Check out the latest menu!

Arbory Afloat, the waterfront eatery and beer garden, announced that it's extending its summer vibes till 30 April. Head down for the Australian Open to watch Federer snag another title on the big screen. 

Australia’s first ever Vegemite burger landed, and it definitely doesn’t sound as bad as last year’s Vegemite ice-cream. What were they thinking?!   

Churro snack packs are now a thing in Melbourne, and we're ordering more than our bellies can handle.

ICYMI: We laid out 5 new Melbourne cafes you need to visit in 2018. You’re welcome.

We asked a Canadian where to find the best poutine, and you’re going to need to book a flight to North America to try this pile of deliciousness.

Are you one of these 7 people we can't stand at the Australian Open? Be Honest. 

Image credit: Michelle Jarni | P.S. Bar & Kitchen 

Churro Snack Packs Are Now A Thing In Melbourne

Churro Snack Packs Are Now A Thing In Melbourne

by Kate Bartels @ The A List | The Urban List

We've got good news and bad news, Melbourne. The bad news is your promise to get fit and say goodbye to sweets is O-V-E-R. The good news is that churros snack packs are now a thing.

Just when you'd gotten over the doughnut snack pack, the sugar gods have once again provided us with a way to consume chocolatey, sugary goodness. 

For a limited time, San Churro is serving up the ultimate sweet treat. You’ve got mini churros, drizzled with Spanish chocolate (you can pick milk, dark or white...or all of them, nobody’s judging at this point) and the whole thing's topped with fresh strawberries and bananas. All we can say is thank god for the fruit on top, because now we don't feel so bad for ordering these bad boys off UberEATS every night for dessert.

Nope, we’re not kidding—pick your jaw up from the floor and run to San Churro. Tell them we sent you. 

In other news, get a load of Atlanta Monster—the new podcast you need in your life. 

Image Credit: San Churro

The Feed | All The News You Missed This Week

The Feed | All The News You Missed This Week

by Marina Nazario @ The A List | The Urban List

How’s that January clean eating cleanse going? Slipped up, did ya? Ah, that’s okay. We did too (obviously).

We hope you slid back into your weekly routine with ease after the holidays. We know you were nose deep with work all week, so take a breather and get updated on all the foodie news you missed.

Heading to the Australian Open? Roll up in style via water taxi down the Yara. Head to BearBrass to grab a breakfast package ($35) or lunch/dinner packages ($55), which includes a set menu, beer, wine or Aperol Spritz & return WaterTaxi Tickets. Sweet. 

On that note, if you haven’t got tickets to the Aus Open, head to Arbory Afloat and watch it in style. They somehow put a big screen on this 50-metre barge and will be screening events from 11am to 1am daily. Don’t you worry, the beer will be flowing.  

Tutto Bene is back at it again with limited edition gelato flavours. This time it’s for Australia Day weekend. Head there on 26 January to cool off and celebrate our glorious nation.

After you inhale a scoop of patriotic gelato, make your way to Caulfield Racecourse to continue Australia Day celebrations at a pop-up pool party. But you may want to leave your bathers at home…

ICYMI: The Chicken Big Mac is back at Maccas for a limited time only. We give you permission to cheat on your clean eating goals for this fast food masterpiece.

There’s a new Korean BBQ spot in town and you can’t miss it. Literally. Its suave architecture sticks out on a street lined with brick buildings. Yes, we said suave. 

FYI: There are a few awesome wine events happening in Melbourne right now, and we think you should hit them up before summer ends (let’s not talk about summer ending).

We checked out the brand new Hellenic Republic in Brighton, and it'll definitely help you stay on track with your #cleaneating goals.

You know when you go to a whiskey bar and make a mental note to buy a bottle of whatever you’re sipping on? Well, we found a whiskey bar that allows you to buy a bottle right off the shelves. 

Whip out the trendy flamingo tube and slather on the sunscreen because Section 8 is launching a beach party in CBD. It's free too, so obvs we'll see you there. 

Hold the phone! St Kilda Fest dropped their 2018 line-up, and we have cleared Sunday 11 February in our diaries. You can bloody well bet we’ll be at this epic FREE event.

Keep that diary out. We spoke to the stars about where you should travel in 2018 according to your zodiac. Kinda jealous of Aries...

Feeling a little lost? It’s probably because you just walk through a giant inflatable labyrinth in Fed Square. On until the end of the month.

Are you seriously telling us that you haven’t been to Uluru yet?! What are you waiting for? Its breathtaking field of light installation has just been extended, so you have time to check it out #fortheInsta.

In case you’ve been living under a rock this week, The Golden Globes were on and everyone wore black.

Alright so now that you’re up to speed, here are 17 FREE things to do this month.

Image credit: Arbory Afloat

The best of Melbourne Food and Wine Fest under $50

The best of Melbourne Food and Wine Fest under $50

the baroness of melbourne

I "quickly" popped on to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival website to check out what I'd like to go to.  7 hours and 312 events later I thought I would share with you my best picks for under $50. Bon appetit. 

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival (MFWF) Guide For 2017

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival (MFWF) Guide For 2017

von kita | Lifestyle, Travel & Food Blog

From humble beginnings with a few events in 1993, The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival (MFWF) has flourished into Australia’s most influential and respected food & wine event, bolstering Melbourne place as the world’s most livable city. The festival has previously hosted international chefs such as Nigella Lawson (UK), Jamie Oliver (UK), René…

15 Awesome Things To Do This Week In Melbourne

15 Awesome Things To Do This Week In Melbourne

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

We know, we know. First week back at work sucks. But hey, the weekend's only a day away, and Melbourne's putting on a pretty sweet spread to ease those back-to-work blues. We've got circus training, LEGO exhibitions, rooftop pool parties and all the mimosas you can drink. 

Buckle up, people. Here's 15 awesome things to do in Melbourne this weekend.

All Weekend

Spin Circus Acrobat Training

Want to run away and join the circus? This is how you start. Spin Circus is hosting the Australian Partner Acrobatic Convention this weekend—5 nights of camping and 4 days of acrobatic training from some of the country’s most flexible pros.

Where: Breakfast Creek Rd, Wenslydale VIC When: 12 January – 17 January For more info, click here.  

NGV Triennial

If you haven’t checked it out yet, get on down to the NGV this weekend for the new Triennial exhibition. It features 78 artists from all over the world and involves a complete, four-level takeover of the NGV building, crossing every possible genre and style. Whatever you do, don’t miss the Melbourne smellscape.

Where: National Gallery of Victoria When: Till 15 April 2018 For more info, click here.

Linden Postcard Show

Tiny artworks competing for a big cash prize, that’s pretty much the gist with this one. The Linden Postcard Show has been going strong for 27 years. It rounds up some of the country’s most talented artists and sets them a challenge: come up with a masterpiece that fits on a canvas the size of the average postcard. You have to be Australian, and the piece has to measure 8 x 10 inches, that’s it.

Where: Domain House, Dallas Brooks Drive, South Yarra When: 11am, till 23 February For more info, click here.

Howler Gin Festival

Howler are rocking the boutique gins every Friday, Saturday and Sunday over summer. And we’ve got a new one you need to try. It’s called Cedar Fox—a new micro distillery out of the northern suburbs. Try the barrel-aged oak gin. It’s a doozy.

Where: Howler, 14 Dawson St Brunswick When: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday For more info, click here.

The Brick Man LEGO Experience

There are only 14 certified LEGO professional builders in the world, and Australian Ryan McNaught is one of them. Until 28 January you can catch McNaught and his small team at District Docklands, exhibiting over 40 original LEGO works. All ages (and LEGO skills) welcome.

Where: 438 Docklands Drive, Docklands When: Till 28 January For more info, click here.

Thursday 11 January

FOMO By Night

Up for a last-minute party tonight? It’s not too late to score tickets to FOMO By Night at Festival Hall. This one’s been going strong for a few years now—one stage, one day and no session clashes. Tonight you’ll be able to catch Kaytranada, SZA, Post Malone, the Kite String Tangle and Dena Amy. Sets start at 6pm.

Where: Festival Hall When: From6pm, Thursday 11 January For more info, click here.

Southern Sounds Festival

Southern Comfort are launching their Southern Sounds series tonight—a concert line-up inspired by the soulful sounds of New Orleans. Tonight you can catch Melbourne duo REMI, fast risers Lossless and town fave Snezzo Snot. Entry is free, and the whisky cocktails will be flowing all night.

Where: Northcote Social Club When: 8pm – 1pm, Thursday 11 January For more info, click here.

Saturday 13 January

Portarlington Mussel Festival

The Portarlington Mussel Fest is back this weekend, which means live music, local beer and wine tasting, and about 10 tonnes of mussels. It probably goes without saying—but if mussels aren’t your thing, this might not be for you.

Where: Portarlington Recreation Reserve When: Saturday 13 January For more info, click here.

Bottomless Mimosa Festival

Now we’re talking. Welcome to Thornbury are kicking the new year off with a bottomless mimosa festival this Saturday. $8 gets you one glass, but $45 gets you unlimited mimosas for FOUR HOURS. Sweet Jesus. Don’t forget to line your stomach with the regular food truck favourites.

Where: Welcome to Thornbury, 520 High St Northcote When: 11am – 10pm, Saturday 13 January For more info, click here.

Portsea Polo

It's on again daaahhhlings. Portsea Polo is back this weekend, so get the gang together and dress up in your finest. The Polo website has a few sartorial suggestions: "For the ladies flowing dresses and wedges or sandals are the norm (heels best left at home)… a summer hat or accessory can be an excellent way to finish off an outfit." Nice.

Where: Point Nepean National Park, Portsea When: 13 January 2018 For more info, click here

Sunday 14 January

$12 Aperol Spritz Party

Melbourne has delivered on the goods yet again with $12 Aperol Spritz every Sunday all throughout January at Riverland Bar. The team will be getting into full Aperitivo-occasion mode with live acoustic music every Sunday. For more details, check out this article.

So Frenchy So Chic Festival

Grab your beret, people, Melbourne’s annual So Frenchy So Chic festival is back this Sunday. They’re predicting about 13,000 people rocking up, which isn’t surprising when you’ve got luxe beauty partners on board like Kérastase Paris, Lancôme and La Roche-Posay. Keep an eye out for croquet on the lawn too.

Where: Werribee Park When: Sunday 14 January For more info, click here.

Rooftop Pool Party

DJs, drinks and your own rooftop pool. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. This weekend the new Carlton Pool Deck is hosting international DJ YO! MAFIA for its inaugural rooftop pool party. $89 gets you food, tunes and all the cake frose you can drink. Hurry, this one’s going to sell out quick.

Where: Rooftop, 701 Swanston St When: 3pm – 9pm, Sunday 14 January For more info, click here.   

Midsumma Carnival

Melbourne’s biggest festival of queer culture kicks off this weekend, and the line-up is looking pretty epic. Drag stars, international cabaret acts and performance artists will be taking over the city, putting on a range of shows. Check the online schedule for all the details.

Where: Various When: Sunday 14 January – Sunday 4 February For more info, click here.

For The Diary

Australian Open

Awww yeah, it’s back again. Next Monday kicks off the 2018 Australian Open festival. Head along to Rod Laver if you want to catch the full show, or set up camp at Birrarung Marr—there’s gonna be food stalls and big screens galore, and it’s 100% free. This year’s music line-up is known as Open Sessions and will be taking over the Middle Terrace (entry is free on 14–15 January).

Where: Melbourne Tennis Centre When: 15–28 January For more info, click here

Get around this one—the 2018 St Kilda Festival line-up just dropped. 

Image credit: NGV

Yeasty Boy | Neil Perry Just Launched A Vegemite Burger

Yeasty Boy | Neil Perry Just Launched A Vegemite Burger

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Ever tucked into a meaty cheeseburger and thought, ‘This thing could use more yeast’?

Well, Neil Perry and the crew from Vegemite are here to answer your prayers. They’ve just collab’d to produce Australia’s first ever Vegemite burger.

Let’s break this thing down. It’s a top-quality Burger Project beef burger, which means Cape Grim patties, gooey cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce and mayo, sandwiched between a pillowy soft Bread Top milk bun. The final touch? A schmear of black, salty, yeasty Vegemite.

“Vegemite is synonymous with our Australian way of life,” Neil Perry says. “Its unique taste, smeared on a soft milk bun, alongside our premium beef patty, has resulted in an intense depth of flavour we think burger aficionados will love.”

Want to get your mitts on these bad boys? They’re launching at Perry’s Australian Open pop-up today, followed by all Burger Project stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The promo lasts until 28 January.

Is it just us or are Vegemite getting seriously creative with their collabs? This is the latest in a long line of weird, spin-off creations. Who can forget the questionable Vegemite Cadbury experiment, or last year’s nightmare Vegemite ice-creams...

The Details

What: Vegemite Burger Where: Burger Project stores in Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney When: Available till 28 January For more info, click here

Image credit: Burger Project 

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival (MFWF) – On The List Melbourne

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival (MFWF) – On The List Melbourne

On The List Melbourne

Adrian Li is the head chef at some of the tastiest restaurants in Melbourne including Tokyo Tina and Saigon Sally and he works with Sam and his team at Hanoi Hannah. If you haven’t been to them they’ve sorted you out this MFWF with the Golden Triangle tasting a starter, main and then dessert at the trio! He also shares some of his tips for the MFWF and where else in Melbourne he loves to dine. Legend!!

Orpheus Island: An Undiscovered Foodie’s Paradise

by Lisa Holmen @ Gram Magazine

I’m lounging in a boho style hammock, with a coconut cocktail precariously perched between my legs as I watch the sunset and listen to the sound of palm trees sway in the wind and waves crash upon the shore. The silhouette of Hitchinbrook Island looms on the horizon, effortlessly sinking into the ocean beyond. There’s […]

The Golden Triangle - Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2017 -  at Saigon Sally, Windsor, Melbourne, VIC on 9 Apr 17, 12:00 PM

The Golden Triangle - Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2017 - at Saigon Sally, Windsor, Melbourne, VIC on 9 Apr 17, 12:00 PM


Having established Windsor as one of Melbourne's culinary hotspots, famous foodie destinations Hanoi Hannah, Tokyo Tina and Saigon Sally will host a progressive lunch where guests can experience the...

plaza deli, northcote

plaza deli, northcote

by the baroness of melbourne @ Reviews - the baroness of melbourne

If you're in need of the finest cheeses, meats and antipasto in Melbourne then head to Plaza Deli in Northcote or be lazy and let Graze by Plaza Deli bring the grazing station to you.

Comfort Foods Made Healthy AF

Comfort Foods Made Healthy AF

by Georgia Jayne Young @ The A List | The Urban List

There are times in all of our lives that comfort food is absolutely necessary but you’re trying to be healthy, right? Never fear, our healthy swaps are here! Try these healthier versions of your faves next time you need a lil’ comforting.

Chocolate Mousse

Yes, chocolate mousse is healthy people! Well, avocado chocolate mousse, that is. Don’t be alarmed that by the key ingredient—you can’t even taste the avo. It basically just tastes like a super creamy, decadent chocolate mousse except you don’t feel like you’ve been hit by a sugar coma after demolishing it. Winning!


If lasagne isn’t on your comfort food list then who even are you? There is literally nothing more comforting than a hot, delicious dish of freshly baked lasagne. Wanna know how to make it healthy? There are sooo many ways—switch out the mince for lentils and veggies, use gluten free pasta sheets or sliced eggplant in place of regular pasta or try this pumpkin, spinach and feta lasagne with allll the hidden veggies. You’ll be in love at first bite.

Corn Chips And Guac

A summertime classic that is definitely a step up on the health-front from regular chips and store bought dip. Another bonus is that making your own guac is super quick and easy and everyone at the BBQ will love you for it.

Chocolate Thickshake

There really isn’t anything like a chocolate thickshake on a hot summer’s day, right? Well, the good news is that this total indulgence doesn’t have to be so indulgent after all. Instead of ice cream, milk and sugar laden choc syrups, switch it up with a frozen banana, coconut or almond milk, raw cacao powder, a plant based protein powder and some chia seeds to make it nice and thick. Mmmmmm.

Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Mac ‘n’ cheese—aka gooey, golden deliciousness—can indeed be made healthy and we are very happy about it. Try out a creamy vegan version of your old favourite comfort food. We know, cheese-less mac ‘n’ cheese sounds weird af but just trust us, it’s yum once you get over the cheese-less-ness.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Now you can have your pizza and eat it too! What more could you ask for in life really? Yeah you heard us right – a pizza base made from cauliflower but, don’t be fooled by the healthy exterior, it tastes just as fabulous as the real thing and won’t leave you with a pizza food baby. Always a good thing in our opinion.

Sweet Potato Fries

Love chips? Make your own with sweet potato which is packed with vitamin C, D, B6, potassium and magnesium, plus a ton of fibre! Just chop your sweet potato into chips, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake in the oven until crispy and amazing.

Banana Bread

Just the smell of banana bread is comforting, right? But just because it’s called ‘bread’ doesn’t mean it’s healthy and you can eat an entire loaf for breakfast. Unfortunately, normal banana bread is basically banana cake in the shape of a loaf—sorry for the truth bomb, we know it hurts. Luckily for you, you can switch the sugar and gluten for healthy options and you have a just as delightful (but healthier) version. You’re welcome.

Nice Cream

If you haven’t gotten on the banana ‘nice’ cream buzz yet, then this summer is your chance. Super easy, super healthy and it tastes just as good as the original, tbh. Literally blend a banana in a food processor and voila. Or try one of these insane (and healthy) flavours!

Seeing as you're eating well most of the time, we say it's time to treat yo'self.

Image credit: Unsplash

Moonlight Cinema Is Hosting A Spice Girls Sing-A-Long Sesh

Moonlight Cinema Is Hosting A Spice Girls Sing-A-Long Sesh

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Get ready to ‘zig-a-zig-ah’, people. Moonlight Cinemas has just announced possibly the greatest sing-a-long of all time.

It’s all to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Spice World (aka Richard E. Grant at his bloody finest). Moonlight will be screening Spice World on Friday 9 February, and audience members are encouraged to sing-a-long as much as possible, regardless of actual musical talent.

Dressing up is optional. But if you have a spare Union Jack bodycon dress lying around, feel free to go nuts.

As always with Moonlight, make sure to pack snacks, blankets and pillows. Because even a 90-minute movie can seem really long when you’re sitting on your elbows. If you’re feeling super extra, Gold Grass is always a good call.

Say you’ll be there.

The Details

Where: Central Lawn, Royal Botanic Gardens When: Friday 9 February For tix, book here.  

All that girl power really works up an appetite. Good thing Neil Perry just created a Vegemite burger

Image credit: Spice World

Wineries That You Can Crash At After A Few Savvy B’s

Wineries That You Can Crash At After A Few Savvy B’s

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Wine tours are fun, but they’re less fun for the DD. Someone’s gotta be the responsible one, right? Well not at these places. These are wineries that double as hotels. No need for buses, designated drivers, or spitting into silver buckets. You can guzzle pinot and Savvy B’s to your heart’s content, then crash upstairs in a double bedroom with vineyard views.

Here are our favourite wineries with accommodation in Victoria.

Grapevine Glamping | Cofield


It’s a nice image, right? Glass of Cofield Quartz Shiraz in one hand, good book in the other, kicking back in your own luxury bell tent surrounded by nature stuff. That’s what’s on offer at this boutique Rutherglen winery. They call it ‘Grapevine Glamping’. Pro tip: grab brunch at the Pickled Sisters Cafe.

Villas & Vines | Polperro Winery

Red Hill

Polperro is a working, 25-acre winery, tucked among the trees at Red Hill. A few years ago they built a series of luxury private villas. You get a complimentary brekky, a deck with vineyard views, roaring fires and your own personal spa. Ask the concierge about dining packages, and discounts for the nearby Peninsula Hot Springs.

Designer Luxe | Jackalope

Merricks North

Jackalope on the Mornington Peninsula has won just about every hotel design award there is in Australia. This isn’t your cute, B&B style accom. It’s more Blade Runner meets The Ritz. Super mod detailing, rain showers, double vanities, custom-made bath products—spend a bit more and you even get a deep-soak Japanese bathtub.

Vineyard Suites | Lindenderry Red Hill

Red Hill

After a day sipping vino at Red Hill cellar doors, this is probably the place you want to rest your head. Luxury Travel Magazine voted Lindenderry one of the most romantic hotels in Australia. We recommend a Balcony Suite or the Vineyard om, and make sure to order a hand-packed picnic basket.

Mornington Views | Port Phillip Estate

Red Hill South

Port Phillip has a renowned cellar door and six luxury suites, if you want to spend the night. Expect fancy flourishes like eggshell tubs, Missoni bathrobes and Aesop products in the bathroom (that’s when you know a place is luxe). Our tip? Wait till winter. They run discount romance packages during the colder months.

Private Lakeside Villas | Crittenden Estate


These are pretty special. Crittenden Estate has built three luxury private villas, each of which sits over a tranquil lake. You can fall asleep to the sounds of water lapping outside your window, then wake up to a handmade breakfast hamper, stuffed with local eggs, bacon, tomatoes, Red Hill Muesli, bread, condiments and local Delgrosso apple juice.

Old-School Estate | Chateau Yering Hotel

Yarra Glen

There’s no school like the old school, right? Well about an hour out of the CBD, there’s a vineyard that looks like it’s been time-warped straight out of the 19th century. Chateau Yering sits on a 250-acre estate, and it’s got 32 suites which can only be described as ‘regal’. If you’ve seen the movie Marie Antoinette, you’ll know what you’re in for.

1920s Homestead | Oakdene


There’s only three rooms at Oakdene winery, but they’re going for quality over quantity. Each one comes with breakfast at Mr Grubb (the vineyard’s cafe) and some pretty sweet views. Make sure you spend an afternoon at Oakdene’s ‘Upside-Down’ cellar door. Their Shiraz is pretty awesome.

Cute Cottages | Toms Cap

Willung South

You probably haven’t heard of Toms Cap. It’s a tiny little vineyard in central Gippsland, surrounded by the Strezlecki Ranges, the ninety-mile beach at Woodside and the stunning Tarra Bulga national park. Take your pick from four secluded timber-built cottages. They’re simple, but super cute.

Gourmet Escape | Lindenwarrah At Milawa


Love this place. Lindenwarrah is a tranquil country house, deep in Victoria’s high country, surrounded by some of the best vineyards in the state (not to mention the best food). Set up camp in one of the beautiful suites, and spend your days drinking at Brown Brothers nextdoor, or stocking up at the Milawa Cheese Factory.

Spa & Shiraz | Balgownie Estate

Yarra Glen

Private spa baths overlooking the Yarra Valley? This place has got Valentine’s Day written all over it. Start with a trip to the famous Balgownie Cellar Door (the Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Estate Shiraz are standouts), then chillax in your private suite, with views over the winelands.

Luxury On The Murray | Cape Horn Vineyard


Cape Horn recently built a two-story, five-bedroom vineyard villa complex, and it’s looking pretty sweet. The private suites are all beautifully appointed, but it’s really the setting and the Murray River views that set this place apart. Keep an eye out for live acoustic sessions on the lawn.

Can't get away? We tracked down the cheapest wines in Melbourne that are actually good

Image credit: Jackalope 

Ripponlea Food and Wine

by Ross Battaglia @ Milk Bar

Reopening its doors, Ripponlea Food and Wine positions itself as the glamorous dining experience you need to check off your ‘Must Hit in 2018’ list.

23 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Weekend

23 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Weekend

by Pippa Knight @ The A List | The Urban List

You know it’s a Melbourne summer when you've got multiple, weather-dependant backup plans. Will we be burnt to a crisp this weekend? Will a raging torrent of water run down St Kilda Rd? Only Jane Bunn knows. Lucky for you, there are a ton of amazing events this weekend, no matter what happens overhead. Let's get started. 

Here are 23 awesome things to do in Melbourne this weekend. 

All Weekend

Canadian Club Racquet Club

Guys, the Canadian Club Racquet Club is back for another year of being the perfect chaser to the Australian Open. What does that mean for you? You can sip on Canadian Club, dry, and fresh lime as you kick back and watch the tennis. Game, set, match. Plus, our fave food trucks will be in attendance, too. We're talking: Biggie Smalls, Doughnut Time, Hunky Dory and more!

What: Canadian Club Racquet Club Where: Birrarung Marr Upper Terrace When: 15 - 28 January

Strange Neighbour Darkroom Classes

Feeling like getting a bit creative? Strange Neighbour are offering a beginner’s introduction to the darkroom. After this weekend course, you'll be able to process and print your own film independently in the darkroom. It'll set you back a cool $385, but really a handmade Insta feed is beyond priceless. Amiright? 

Where: Strange Neighbour Studios, 395 Gore St Fitzroy. When: 20 - 21 January For more info, click here.

Colour Your Way To California

Kids got artistic talent? Here's where you cash in. Visit California are hosting a giant digital colouring wall in the CBD this weekend. Kids can go crazy drawing whatever they want, and the creations will be broadcast on big screens in Queensbridge Square. The best bit? There's a family trip to California up for grabs, flying Air New Zealand. No cheating, parents.

Where: Queensbridge Square, Southbank When: 20 – 21 January For more info, click here

The Odditorium Circus 

Good news, guys. The Odditorium is extending their Melbourne run. Turns out we love weird entertainers and circus cabaret. Starting at $25, you can get a seat this weekend to see a mixture of magical, circus tricks and high-kicking entertainment. Get in quick, this is a three-night limited run. 

Where: The MC Showroom, 48 Clifton St, Prahran. When: 19 – 20 January For more info, click here.

Supernormal Natsu: NGV Garden Restaurant Takeover

Come down to the NGV and enjoy a pan-Asian, evocative culinary experience, celebrating the smells, tastes and sounds of Natsu (Japanese for ‘summer’). With a Japanese hibachi grill on the terrace, and Andrew McConnell designing the menu, you just know this thing's gonna be delicious. The pop-up restaurant runs for 10 days and brings art, music, performance and dining together as part of the NGV's Triennial Exhibition.

Where: National Gallery of Victoria, 180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne. When: 19 – 28 January, 6pm – 12am For more info, click here

Hunky Dory AO Festival Pop-up

Come and check out this FREE Australian Open festival event at Birrarung Marr. You can watch live tennis on giant screens while tucking into Hunky Dory fish and chips. First on our to-do list will be the delicious Smoked Salmon Sliders being served up. Get around it—there'll be music, games, food and plenty of live tennis to watch. Where: Birrarung Marr, Melbourne When: 15 - 28 January For more info, click here

Collingwood Arts Precinct Intermission

Who doesn’t love all things strange and wonderful? Come down to Collingwood Arts Precinct for a sensory adventure through three storeys of an abandoned school. Sounds weird...but also kind of intriguing. This will be an art event to see, with 37 street artists on board, dishing up some cutting-edge concept art. 

Where: 35 Johnston St, Collingwood. When: 13 - 21 January For more info, click here

Pop-Up Park: Werribee City Centre

For six weeks over the summer the Werribee City Centre will be transformed into the ultimate free summer destination. Yep, live music, movies, food and much more. Each Friday night there'll be a different live headline performer. Grab a bev at the bar, relax and enjoy. Saturday nights will see the park transformed into an outdoor cinema with two different movies, beanbags and popcorn. Sunday arvos will be food trucks galore.

Where: Werribee City Centre When: 19 January - 25 February  For more info, click here

General Assembly: Yarra Valley by the Yarra

Listen up, Foodies. For Victoria’s best produces and bevvies, come down to the Yarra this Saturday or Sunday. Cider, wine or gin, it's all on offer at General Assembly. They're bringing the best of the Yarra Valley to the CBD, for two days only. Ciders from Napoleone, wine from Punt Road and gin from Four Pillars? We're so there. 

Where: 29 South Wharf, Melbourne When: 20- 21 January, 12pm onwards  For more info, click here.

Spin Circus Festival 

Get in quick and buy a ticket to Spin Circus Festival 2018, because it'll be a weekend full of performers, workshops, food and good vibes. Rock up Friday and leave on Monday for your ultimate all-inclusive circus-training weekend. Can’t make it all weekend long? Don’t worry, there are day tickets too if that’s more your thing. 

Where: Sokil Eco Arts Retreat, Breakfast Creek Road Wensleydale 3241, Vic When: 18 - 22 January  For more info, click here.  

Play Me, I’m Yours At Preston Market

Well played, Preston. Literally This weekend there are dozens decorated pianos scattered about Preston, free to be played by one and all. Preston Market is throwing a bunch of events over the summer, but this one sounds extra cool. It's called ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’, an installation artwork by British artist Luke Jerram. Don't forget to swing by the market while you're in the neighbourhood. 

Where: Preston Market, Central block. When: 19 January - 4 February   For more info, click here.  

Matthew Sleeth's Rosebud Series: Photos of a Candid Summer

Go get those nostalgic feels from Matthew Sleeth's Rosebud series—photos spanning the memories of summers gone by. You can see the collection at the Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn. It's a good reminder to soak up the sun while you can—literally and metaphorically. Memoriiiiieeees....

Where: Town Hall Gallery, 360 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn. When: 20 January - 11 March For more info, click here.

Melbourne Museum Turned Inside Out

Melbourne Museum is getting seriously trippy with this new exhibition. You'll experience extraordinary and beautiful collection items, but also be drawn into the stories behind these strange and wonderful things. This will definitely be an out of world experience and something new for the Melbourne Museum. Tickets will only set you back $10 too. 

Where: Melbourne Museum, 11 Nicholson Street, Carton. When: Till 11 February  For more info, click here

Supafish Sunset Sessions

If you're looking for a great place to hit up before the Australian Open, we've got you sorted. SUPAFISH are hosting a Sunset Session with Corona, pairing great beers with great tunes and a killer sunset. It's like one of those Carona commercials where people seize life and stuff, but for reals. With a live DJ, discounts, giveaways and your first Corona on the house, your Sunday-sesh is sorted.

Where: SUPAFISH, Southbank Promenade, Southbank. When: 19 January, 4pm For more info, click here

Saturday 20 January 

The Vegan Makers Market

The Mermaid Sorority Makers Market have officially moved to bigger digs for their all-Vegan Design and Makers Market. We can promise each and every stall here is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and ethically sourced up the ying yang. With 100+ stalls, live music and food trucks to boot, you won’t want to miss this one. Did we mention it's free entry? 

Where: Frankston Basketball Stadium, 90 Bardia Avenue, Seaford. When: 20 January, 10am – 3pm For more info, click here.  

Ballarat Beer Festival

The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems. Beer. And here's a festival dedicated to the good stuff. Get down to the beautiful shores of Lake Wendouree for the ultimate beer event, with over 150 different brews to try from across Australia and the world. There'll be a soundtrack of Australian bands filling your ears with good tunes, while you fill your belly with your favourite brew. Drink responsibly, peeps.

Where: Lake Wendouree, Ballarat. When: 20 January  For more info, click here

James Irvine Guest Shift

James Irving is officially one of the best three bartenders in the country, and this is the Melbourne leg of his national Bacardi tour. He'll be at The Black Pearl this Saturday with his signature cocktail, the Bocado—a fruity mix of Bacardi Gran Reserva Ocho Años rum, vermouth, sherry, banana and rosemary. Wrap your lips around the Bocado and let us know what you think.

Where: The Black Pearl, 304 Brunswick St When: From6pm For more info, click here

The Fete of the World: Co-Ground Social Enterprise

Come down to Brunswick Co-Ground Coffee for a showcase and celebration of some of Australia’s very best social enterprises. It's a free night of delicious drinks, nibbles and groovy tunes from a fantastic DJ, in partnership with StartSomeGood. Plus you'll be helping support a better social economy and a better world. Yay for good things!

Where: 29 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. When: 20 January, 2pm – 10pm For more info, click here

Backyard Bricks At Section 8

Melbourne’s favourite laneway venue, Section 8, is having a celebration of street art, live music and clothing this Saturday, and it's gonna go OFF. Section 8’s carpark walls will be getting a fresh coat of paint by a street art dream team. There'll be good tunes, Melbourne’s best-selling wares from local labels and don’t forget, entry is free. It's on 1pm till late.

When: 20 January, 1pm til late Where: Section 8, 27-29 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne. For more info, click here

Sugar Mountain

A festival with wicked music, art, food and drinks. That's all we can ask for, right? Sugar Mountain will launch ‘Welcome to Sugar Mountain’ this weekend—a collaboration between Absolut Vodka, Jameson Whisky and Welcome to Thornbury. You'll see delicious foodie goodness from Messina, Pasta Face, Sparrow’s Philly Cheesecake, Twisted Fisherman and more. Go on, buy that ticket.

Where: Melbourne’s Art Precinct. When: 20 January For more info, click here.

Beast of Bollywood

Gte hungry, people. Taking inspiration from 90s Bollywood, the THE B.EAST are throwing an American-style greasy eats food and booze feast. It's free entry too. For a night filled with meat, music and dancing, you can't miss this one. The fun kicks off at midday, so get in early. 

When: 20 January, Midday to Midnight. Where: THE B.EAST, 80 Lygon St, Brunswick East, Melbourne. For more info, click here.  

Sunday 21 January

Rum Diary Tiki Challenge

This is the ultimate bartending challenge, and you are invited to attend. Come down to Rum Diary Bar to see Australia's four bartending finalists creating the cocktail of their dreams. This is the kick off of Rum Diary's 5th bday, and you can be sure it will go off with a bang. Cheer on your fave, then settle in with a Dark & Stormy. Night sorted. 

When: 21 January, 6:30pm Where: Rum Diary Bar, 334 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. For more info, click here

Found With Love

So, it’s a bit like a wedding expo and a bit like a party. It’s a new thing, and we think it sounds great. Found With Love is an intimate gathering of all your wedding needs. Come in the afternoon for a relaxing drink, enjoy some delicious food and connect with people who could become part of your big day. This is the way to go if your planning your wedding. So, get in quick and grab yourself a ticket for only $21.50, spaces are limited.

Where: The Line, Footscray. When: 21 January, 3 -7pm For more info, click here

Did you hear the news? There's a huge adults-only bouncy castle coming to Melbourne

Image credit: Michelle Jarni | Rum Diary 

Atlanta Monster Is The Latest True Crime Podcast To Fill The Void In Your Ears

Atlanta Monster Is The Latest True Crime Podcast To Fill The Void In Your Ears

by Ben Tyers @ The A List | The Urban List

If you’re anything like us you’ve no doubt worked your way through every true crime podcast there is. You’re also no doubt on an endless search to fill the void left by Serial, S-Town, and Dirty John.

Well, good news, because that podcast has arrived.

Atlanta Monster—made by the team behind How Stuff Works—is just two episodes in, but it is ticking all the boxes for a rock solid commute-listen.

Atlanta Monster tells the story of The Atlanta Child Murders which terrorised the Atlanta community between 1979 and 1981. 25 African American children and young adults when missing in the Atlanta area over that period and the podcast aims to answer questions that still remain, find the truth, and provide some closure by re-examining the cases.

Episodes come out every Friday so there’s no chance to binge at this point, but it’s definitely a podcast you’re going to want to get into asap.

To fill the gaps Friday to Friday, here's every other true crime podcast you should be listening to.

Image credit: Atlanta Monster

Melbourne’s LEGOLAND Is Throwing An Adults-Only Star Wars Night

Melbourne’s LEGOLAND Is Throwing An Adults-Only Star Wars Night

by Ben Tyers @ The A List | The Urban List

Hold onto your hats, because the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at Chadstone is putting on a LEGO Star Wars adult night next week, and it’s definitely not in a galaxy far, far away.

Use every force available to you to make it to this one. On Thursday 18 January, the centre will be throwing its doors open to those who either don’t have kids to take usually, or just want to go nuts in a LEGO heaven for a night.

There’ll be Star Wars themed LEGO builds and competitions, a Minifigure scavenger hunt throughout MINILAND, and plenty of opportunity to snap a photo with a Stormtrooper.

On show is also the world’s largest built of the Millenium Falcon, which measures in at a whopping 5 metres wide, and is made from more than 250,000 LEGO bricks.

The Details

What: LEGOLAND Discover Centre’s Star Wars Adult Night When: Thursday 18 January, 7pm - 9pm Where: LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, Chadstone For more info head here.

Back at work and got the travel bug? Here's where you should travel this year based on your star sign.

Image credit: Daniel Cheung

What’s On This Australia Day In Melbourne

What’s On This Australia Day In Melbourne

by Kate Bartels @ The A List | The Urban List

Ahhh, Australia Day. A god-sent public holiday where we celebrate our great nation by generally being rowdy and forgetting all responsibilities. And it's totally acceptable (and maybe even a little bit encouraged). This is Melbourne though people, and we have (a bit) of class, even on Aus Day. There's also a tonne of events on to help you celebrate in style—with the mandatory snag in bread, of course.

Here is a bunch of things to do this Australia Day, so dust off your southern cross t-shirt and get cracking.

Club Aperol At The Australian Open

If you’re heading to the Australian Open this Australia Day, stopping in at Club Aperol is a must. It may scream Italian vibes and send you right off to the Mediterranean in one sip, but hey—you can’t really say no to bean bags, chic outdoor seats and the perfect Insta pic.

Where: Rod Laver Arena When: 10 am For more info, click here.

Yoga In The Park

We all know what a long weekend in Melbourne means—drinking, eating, drinking, get the drill. Lucky for you, there’s an awesome yoga class happening on Aus Day, so you can eat your third antipasto platter for the weekend and not feel guilty. It’s pay as you feel too, so you can save some extra coin for another espresso martini.

Where: Edinburgh Gardens When: 10am For more info, click here.

Kudditji The Master Of Colour

Head down to the Laneway Arts Space and check out the jaw-dropping exhibition by Kudditji. He’s an Aboriginal artist and has been dubbed one of the most important of our time. It’s open nice and early, so there’s plenty of time to soak in some culture before bev o’clock.

Where: 148 Barkly St, St Kilda When: 10am For more info, click here.

Australia Day Festival At Kings Domain Gardens

If a family day out is more your vibe, heading to the day festival at Kings Domain Gardens should be right up your alley. You’ve got enough food to keep you full all weekend long, and entertainment for the kiddies galore. Just remember to slip slop slap—who knows what kind of egg-frying day we're in for. 

Where: Kings Domain Gardens When: 11am For more info, click here.

Australia Day Parade

Get right into the Aussie spirit and head along to the Australia Day Parade. Let your patriotic flag fly as you watch group after group march down Swanston Street. There’s a huge range of acts on the bill, ready to blow your socks off. BYO blue and red face paint.

Where: Swanston St When: 11am For more info, click here.

Australia Day At The Bush Inn

Okay supper Aussies, this one's for you. Think cheap jugs of beer, even cheaper snags and a good old-fashioned meat raffle right in the heart of Toorak. Go on, get that Aussie flag out and tie it around your neck.

Where: 505 Malvern Road, Toorak When: 12pm For more info, click here.

The Emerson Rooftop Presents Australia Day

When it comes to partying, these guys don't mess around.  They’re offering up a snazzy little pack which includes a sausage sizzle, (would be rude not to), rooftop tunes and of course—dranks. All of the dranks. 

Where: The Emerson When: 12pm For more info, click here.

Weekend BBQ At The Riverside

These guys are celebrating Australia Day the only way they know how—awesome riverside views and huge BBQ. They’ve got all your favourites like chargrilled chicken, prawns, kangaroo and some mouth-watering salads to match. Mmmmm. 

Where: 53 South Wharf Promenade, South Wharf When: 12pm For more info, click here.

Tropicana Australiana Day

Okay, so not only are these guys throwing an awesome party with the likes of Slum Sociable and Total Giovanni spinning tunes, they're also giving you a sweet $100 Skwosh swimwear voucher with your ticket. Yep, it’s a pretty sweet deal!

Where: Riva St Kilda When: 2pm For more info, click here.

Australia Day Fiesta At Robert Burns Hotel

We wouldn’t really call this event Australian, but with delish temptations like a huge paella cook up and a DJ all night long, how can we resist? If sipping on martinis on Aus Day makes you feel all kind of weird, there’s an outdoor bar serving Colonial Brewing Co Port Melbourne Beers. Now we're flamin' talking. 

Where: 376 Smith Street, Collingwood When: 4pm For more info, click here.

Midsumma FRIYAY Edition

One word: Ping-pong competition. Okay, that’s three words, but it’s sold us. These guys are known for their wildly fun and inclusive parties, open to all walks of life. There’s also set to be pizza, a BBQ and special guest DJ’s. Check the event listing for all the deets. 

Where: 222 High Street, Northcote When: 5pm For more info, click here.

Fireworks At Docklands

Grab your picnic blanket, pack a cheese board, and finish your day checking out the awesome fireworks display at Docklands. In true Melbourne fashion, there’s tons of food trucks and artists to keep you satisfied.

Where: Harbour Esplanade, Docklands When: 9pm For more info, click here.

Slip n' Slide At Mt Baw Baw 

Mt Baw Baw are getting in on the Australia Day action this year, with a seriously wet shindig kicking off on Friday (we'll explain). They're setting up a giant slip n' slide on the mountain, complete with Aus Day-themed games, local music acts, a BBQ and a public bar. It's running all long weekend too. 

Where: Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort When: Friday 26 – Sunday 28 January  For more info, click here

DJs At The Village Belle 

Looking for somewhere to boogie this weekend? The new-look Village Belle in St Kilda is throwing a huge line-up of Aus Day DJs sessions. Think names like Piero, DJ Havana Brown, Ian Gough and Gaz Kempster. Settle in for the ultimate afternoon sesh.

Where: The Village Belle When: Friday 26 – Sunday 28 January  For more info, click here

Sweet Treats

What to bring when you're told not to bring a thing. Nope, we're not talking Cadbury Favourites (although they are pretty sick). We're talking a new Lamington Gelato Cake from Piccolina. You can get it in cake form, or a 14-serve Lamington Gelato Log (!!), which will set you back $65. Hungry for more? Zumbo Patisserie is whipping up 6 different lamingtons, 2 Aus-themed slices and custom Zumbaroons for Australia Day. Swing by their South Yarra store to pick up all the goods. 

Giant Adults-Only Bouncy Castle 

Nope, that's not a typo. Melbourne is getting the world's biggest inflatable obstacle course on Australia Day. It's called The Monster, and it's come all the way from the UK. You'll find it at the Melbourne Showgrounds. Hurry though, it's not in town for long. 

Where: Grand Pavillion, Melbourne Showgrounds When: 26 – 28 January For more info, click here

If you're looking for a way to burn all those sausages in bread you're no doubt going to devour, give North Walls a go. 

Image Credit: Piccolina 

5 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Week

5 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Week

by Greta Waters @ The A List | The Urban List

Raise your hand if you've ever felt the brunt of January’s never-ending banquet meals and beach beers. If you want to get rid of last year's Christmas pounds, look away now, coz we are not going to be ANY help.

Still here? Nice one. Five for you, Glen Coco. Here are five awesome things to do this week! 

All Week

Australian Open 

A Melbourne summer isn’t complete without a Grand Slam, and some pretty cringe-worthy gold and green merch oi oi oi… Take a seat courtside at this year's Aus Open. It all kicks off today. There are a variety of tickets with different perks and quirks. If you want to avoid the crowds, you can catch a match for free on the big screens at Birrarung Marr. This party in the park offers free live music, face painting and nom-noms from Hunky Dory and Burger Project (and plenty more).

Where: Melbourne Park, Melbourne When: Monday 15 January – Sunday 28 January, from 10am For more details, click here

Tuesday 16th January 

Dumpling Feast At Burma Lane 

If you haven’t already met Burma Lane, we would officially like to introduce you to the masters behind the juicy Wagyu cheeseburger bacon dumpling. To celebrate the first bday of these pillows of modern Australian/Burmese cuisine, the legends at Burma Lane are gracing the CBD with three days of $1 dumplings. A PSA for the hard-core dumpling lovers: there's a max of five dumplings per person. Silver lining—you can indulge in these mini mouthfuls for lunch and dinner with zero judgement.

Where: Burma Lane, 118 Little Collins St, Melbourne When: Tuesday 16 January – Thursday 18 January, from 12pm-late For more details, click here. 

Trophy Wife Barbie 

Instafamous artist Annelies Hofmeyr @trophywifebarbie is holding her first solo exhibition at Lord Coconut. We don’t want to give too much away, coz you really have to see this one for yourself. But we will give you a hint: mounted Barbie heads…yeah, sh*t just got real.

Where: Lord Coconut, Level 5 Mitchell House, 358 Lonsdale St When: Tuesday 16 January – Saturday 3 February, 5-7pm For more details, click here

Wednesday 17th January 

Pride Night At Queen Vic Night Market 

It's time for Queen Vic Market's annual Pride Night. Open to all, this night of love and equality can be enjoyed with global street food, artisan shopping stalls and live entertainment. Oh yeah, and Miss Gay and Miss Transsexual Australia International pageant are both coming back. Australia’s most fab drag queens and transgender women will strut their stuff with (borrowed) live acts from the Midsumma Festival. Don’t miss out on a selfie with the LOVE WINS installation.

Where: Queen Victoria Market When: Wednesday 17 January, 6pm onwards For more details, click here

South Melbourne Night Market 

Port Phillip Council have expanded the contents of South Melbourne Night Market in all the right ways (more seating and space for food lovers and market enthusiasts alike). You know the drill—eight glorious weeks of street food, market stalls and live entertainment. Look out for Zimbabwean R&B songstress Thando and local folk darlings Hey Mammoth! Oh yeah, FREE rooftop parking from 5.30pm too.

Where: South Melbourne Market, Coventry & Cecil St, South Melbourne When: Thursday 4 January – Thursday 22 February, 5.30-9.30pm For more details, click here

Did you hear the news? Ladurée are now doing cocktails

Image credit: Annika Kafcaloudis | Hunky Dory 

The Prince Alfred Is About To Get A Sweet New Rooftop Bar

The Prince Alfred Is About To Get A Sweet New Rooftop Bar

by Greta Waters @ The A List | The Urban List

Good news, Melbourne Uni students. There's gonna be a new place to go and drown your REB exam blues. The Prince Alfred (PA's for short) is getting its very own brand new rooftop bar, and it's brought to you by the legends at the 100 Burgers Group. 

If you've been living under a rock, The Prince Alfred has been a student watering hole since 1926, located a hop, skip and jump from Melbourne University, After shutting its doors in 2015, this iconic institution is set to re-open this Feb. And the plans sound sexy. 

If Melbournians are good at two things, it’s décor revamps and rooftop bars. The new rooftop at Prince Alfred will feature a deep blue palette, copper detailing and vivacious designs. Kind of a modern spin on the classic (royal) pub concept. 

“While the exterior is going to stay the same, the interior has been completely overhauled. We’ve taken inspiration from the Italian influences on Carlton and mixed it up with botanical elements,” says Daragh Kan, founder of the 100 Burgers Group.

The new venue will have a rotating kitchen, serving up our favourite pub meals, and spitting out a fresh menu every month! Special mention goes to Sunday’s bottomless rooftop pancakes

“Having a rotating kitchen allows us to work with up and coming chefs and food operators and give us the opportunity to do some really exciting collaborations,” says Daragh Kan. 

100 Burgers has a pretty impressive resume. They’re the masterminds behind Welcome to ThornburyBelles Hot ChickenMr BurgerHightailMurmur Piano Bar and a bunch of other Melbourne must-eats.

At the moment, all we know is that the new rooftop venue will be open in Feb. Watch this space for all the particulars. 

Speaking of outdoor drinking, Sandringham just got a new gin garden

Image credit: Rexness | Flickr 

You Can Get Too Faced’s New Chocolate Collection At MECCA Tomorrow

You Can Get Too Faced’s New Chocolate Collection At MECCA Tomorrow

by Marina Nazario @ The A List | The Urban List

Like make-up? Lurrrv chocolate? You can now enjoy the best of both worlds.

Boutique makeup brand, Too Faced, is launching their new Chocolate Gold collection at an exclusive pre-sale tomorrow, and we’re high-key very excited about this.

Chocolate Gold collection we say? Yup, but you can’t eat it (our first reaction, too). You’ll simply smell like a sweet Godiva chocolate factory, and we’re totally okay with that.

MECCA Maxima at Highpoint is hosting an exclusive Too Faced pre-sale event this Saturday 20 January. It's a chance to test products to see if you like the new collection. Apparently, the store will transform into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, complete with chocolate treats, glittering gold decorations and a DJ to kick-start the party (no Oompa Loompas, sorry!).

The first 400 customers who spend over $85 on Too Faced products will also receive a Chocolate Gold makeup case, Chocolate Gold pin and a Better Than Sex Mascara deluxe sample #trendy.

Even better, the first 285 customers to enter the store will receive a MECCA Maxima chocolate bar with one containing a hidden, prize-winning ticket. The lucky winner will walk away with the entire Too Faced Gold Collection. Niiiiiiice.

The Details 

Where: Highpoint Shopping Centre When: From 7am, Saturday 20 January For more info,click here.

After you get your makeup fix, head over to the Australian Open to people watch, obviously.

Image credit: MECCA

riverland, melbourne

riverland, melbourne

by the baroness of melbourne @ Reviews - the baroness of melbourne

It’s the quintessential thing to do in Melbourne, enjoying a meal with friends as you watch the rowers of Victoria glide down the Yarra.  What you might not have known though is that you can do this AND get your smashed avo with Meredith feta desires fulfilled at Riverland.  That’s right, Riverland is doing breakfast with a river view.

Melbourne’s Getting An Exclusive Star Wars Exhibition

Melbourne’s Getting An Exclusive Star Wars Exhibition

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

A long time ago, in a gallery far, far away...

Well, a gallery in Armadale. Which is a long way away if you’re driving from the northside, let’s be honest...Punt Rd is a nightmare. We’re getting distracted...

High St’s iconic Silver K Gallery (aka the best low-fi advertisements ever screened on Australian TV) is hosting something pretty special this month: an exclusive Star Wars illustrative exhibition, curated over two years from some of the greatest artists ever assembled by Lucas Films.

Silver K will be showing original canvas works, depicting some of the classic scenes from Star Wars. There are over 150 hand-drawn pieces, commissioned by George Lucas (and now Disney), featuring everyone from Yoda to Boba Fett, not to mention some pretty epic Storm Trooper scenes. The originals are worth a fortune, but most are available as Giclee prints if you want to take something home.  

This is one of the largest projects Silver K has ever attempted. And there’s even a secondary exhibition running simultaneously: a beautiful display of superhero artwork (think Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and so on).

Go get your geek on. It’s running until 31 January.

The Details

Where: Silver K Gallery, 1092 High St Armadale When: Till 31 January For more info, click here.

Looking for more January goodness? Here are 17 free things to do this month in Melbourne

Image credit: Silver K Gallery

Nick Coulter, Co-Owner of Windsor's Hanoi Hannah, Saigon Sally and Tokyo Tina. A Bio.

Nick Coulter, Co-Owner of Windsor's Hanoi Hannah, Saigon Sally and Tokyo Tina. A Bio.

Hood Food Guide

Discover the best eats in Melbourne's with the best chefs & pros in your area codes in the new food show, Hood Food Guide. Do yourself a flavour.

You Can Now Watch DVDs At The NGV While People Watch You

You Can Now Watch DVDs At The NGV While People Watch You

by Marina Nazario @ The A List | The Urban List

It's official: sitting on the couch in your underwear and watching movies now counts as art. 

Welcome to the NGV's latest Triennial exhibition—a Netflix-binging habitat called Coming Soon Near You, where audience members are encouraged to TV. In the gallery. With people watching you watching TV. 

Artist Eniat Amir has created a very realistic lounge room setting where visitors can plop down on a well-worn couch, surrounded by mismatched furnishings and a threadbare rug (sounds a lot like grandma's house), and watch a television show, film or home movie of their choice. You can literally bring your favourite DVDs, BluRay movies, even old-school VHS, and watch whatever you want. Right there in the gallery space. It's a weird, live-action GoggleBox sort of thing. And we kind of love it. 

So if you want to feel like an animal in a zoo and watch home videos of your baby brother stuffing his face with spaghetti, head on over to the NGV. Pack a few snacks, beer, wine and your favorite onesie. Coming Soon Near You will be open every day at 10:30am, 2pm and 7pm. It’s free, but book ahead to claim your spot.

We always knew that watching Game of Thrones with a half-eaten bowl of popcorn and a bottle of wine was a masterpiece...

The Details

Where: NGV International When: 10.30am and2pm daily during NGV Triennial. A new 7pm slot will be open as part of NGV Triennial EXTRA For more info, click here.

This isn't even the weirdest thing at the NGV right now. An artist has engineered the smell of 'Melbourne'

Image credit: NGV

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